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freight transport between Mongolia and the Czech Republic

Our priority is to help develop relations between Mongolia and the Czech Republic not only by mediating work opportunities for the Mongolian people but above all by mediating trade or services. We offer the services of a professional air carrier and thus ensure the export and import transport of your goods quickly, safely, and reliably.


speed | simplicity | efficiency

We can organize flight tickets or transport of goods from Prague to Ulaanbaatar and back by direct flight. Fast, simple, efficient, and direct. We follow the motto of being one step ahead, and passion for aviation, ferocity and honesty drive our engines.


We are an international team of experts from many business sectors from marketing, sales, aviation, IT, international relations and more.

Above all, we are the founders of the Mongolian Forum. We unite Mongolian citizens in the Czech Republic which is primarily concerned with mediating trade and services and, recently, work opportunities for Mongolian people in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to help develop relations between Mongolia and the Czech Republic. Our company also has a license from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.


transport to you or your goods

There are currently 12,000 Mongolians living permanently in the Czech Republic and from January to the end of April alone, 27,000 Mongolians traveled between Mongolia and the EU. Nowadays, however, flights are very long and demanding. Our goal is therefore to ensure transport for you or your goods quickly, simply, efficiently and directly.


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+420 774 074 170

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Ganbold Lkhagva


Ganzorig Lkhagva


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